Life-Giving Fountain

The Life-Giving Fountain, the Source of our Life, is of course our Lord Jesus Christ. But He chose to become human for our sake and was incarnate of the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary and became man. He chose that Mary would be the source of his own life physically. Thus our Temple is dedicated to Mary, the Fountain of the Fountain of Life. The Lord appreciates it when we honor His Mother.

The original Church of the Life-Giving Fountain is in Constantinople, built over a Holy Spring. 

We extoll now the water of you spring O All-lauded One, the streams of which are abundantly flowing as from a quarried rock. The miracle astounishes our minds, how stone became a never-ending stream. It becomes for those who drink of it with faith, a source of cures and healings. Thank all pure Maiden for your help. Thank you for your protection. Thank you for all your miracles, O Virgin Mother of our God.

Της πηγής σου τά ρείθρα ανυμνούμεν Πανύμνητε, ά εξ ακροτόμου τής πέτρας αναβλύζει αείροα, τό θαύμα εκπλήττει πάντα νούν, πώς λίθος ακένωτος πηγή, αλλ' έκ ταύτης 'απαντλούντες τας δωρεάς, τών ιαμάτων έκαστοι τυγχάνουσι, και πάντα τό ύδωρ γίνεται αυτοίς, 'εν πίστει λαμβάνουσιν αυτό. Χάρις τή αντιλήψει σου Αγνή, χάρις ταίς προστασίαις σου, χάρις τοίς θαυμασίοις σου μόνη Μητράνανδρε.

Kontakion in the Fourth Tone